We believe everyone should understand how to produce a legacy of wealth and prosperity. Tyrone French® wrote the book on Closing The Wealth Gap®. Start by downloading his (Free Mobile App). It's designed to keep you headed towards a bright financial future. To begin your journey: Text Tyrone To 36260


Life Insurance

Your peace of mind is priceless. Tyrone French® & Associates can help protect you, and your family, with affordable life insurance. This wealth strategy will save you time and money. Build financial security while creating generational wealth today. Want More Information?

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Annuity Income

Creating retirement income requires perseverance, patience and time. Immediate and Indexed annuities at Tyrone French® & Associates, can place you on a path to living the good life. It's time to start building guaranteed retirement income for life. Want More Information?

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Precious Metals

At Tyrone French® & Associates, we believe that everyone should own precious metals, regardless of their financial situation. Most people have no idea how affordable, and easy it is to build wealth, using gold and silver coins as their cash reserve asset. Want More Information?

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Legacy Planning

Uncertainty leaves room for chaos. Tyrone French® & Associates can help provide a discreet transition from you, to your heirs, through Legacy Planning. The objective is to create directives, to carry out your final wishes of passing down your legacy. Want More Information?

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Other Areas of Expertise

Final Expense Insurance

The average cost of a funeral is $10,000. Tyrone French® & Associates can help you get up to $35,000 of protection without a medical exam. The money is received within 24 hours upon claim approval without having the death certificate (Most Cases). Many people can qualify for coverage, even with serious health issues. Most plans start for less than a dollar a day per person. Want More Information?

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Legal Services Membership

Everyone deserves access to affordable legal advice. For less than a dollar a day, Tyrone French® & Associates can help you speak with an attorney from a top rated law firm, on any personal matter: Document Review, Will Preparation, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, Foreclosure, Uncontested Divorce, IRS Audit Assistance, Non-Criminal Moving Violations, Accidents, and much more. Want More Information?

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Identity Theft Membership

Identity theft has become the fastest growing consumer complaint filed with the FTC for the past fifteen years. Identity thieves have gotten a whole lot smarter. Tyrone French® & Associates has the best solution to protect and restore your identity before its stolen. The cost is less than a dollar a day for an entire family. Your identity is valuable. Guard it wisely. Want More Information?

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Retirement Coaching   

The retirement coaching service at Tyrone French® & Associates is designed to assist people before, during and after retirement. 

Learn how to protect and grow more income for retirement. Many people have a desire to retire early, but they lack the necessary blueprint to do so. Now you can build a retirement income for life, and live it with dignity. Want More Information?

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