The Heat is On

May 20, 2023

Summer’s here, and the time is right for fun in the sun (or shade). Like many of us, you’re probably looking forward to an extended getaway or family trip. But summer also means planning for hot weather, which can come with unique considerations.

  • Look after elderly relatives: Many areas are already experiencing record heat, indicating that this summer could be a scorcher. Take the time to look in on elderly relatives to ensure they can stay cool and avoid heat-related stress.
  • Energy costs may be up: With many of us running fans, coolers, and air conditioners, it’s best to prepare for an increased demand on power grids. That may also mean increased energy bills for many households.
  • OPEC+ may cut production: There has been speculation that OPEC+ nations may cut oil production at their next meeting in the first week of June. Production cuts can raise prices at the gas pump, especially with so much demand from road trippers and summer vacationers.1
  • Remember sunscreen: While many are already in the habit of using some form of UV protection, now is a good time to remind you to stock up and get everyone in the family accustomed to applying before leaving the house.

With these reminders, you can enjoy the weather and your summer activities with some peace of mind. Enjoy yourself and take care, no matter how you plan to spend the summer!

1., May 12, 2023